Red Baron Motorcycles, total servicing you can trust.

Our Red Baron service centres provide the highest level of guaranteed workmanship.

Our expert Technicians are trained to the highest possible level and we have the know how collected from over 300 service centres, you can trust us to look after your motorcycle.

Our Service centres provide you 3 levels of servicing. A, B, Or C services with guaranteed pricing for labour on most models of bikes. We offer an up front price so you can be sure of cost for additional repairs on most models of motorcycles.

We have the latest TEXA diagnostic equipment to read all the major manufacturers diagnostic programs, which saves you time and money and gets the job done right.

Specialist equipment is required to diagnose problems of your motorcycles and to test area’s which cannot be tested on the actual road due to modern motorcycles producing more power and having such highly sophisticated electronics. Red Baron has the diagnostic computers and Dyno’s to check your bike and motorcycle comprehensively.