Ride Across Australia by Red Baron Yamaha TTR250

Stewart and myself are back from the amazing ride across the centre of Aus.

Some incredible scenery and riding over all possible terrain. Sleeping under the stars, deep sand, metre deep rutted tracks, long straight roads, flies, mozzies, up to 40 degree heat.

Sounds bad but was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The Yamaha TTR250′s were perfect, fitted with Pirrelli MT21 tyres, ventura racks, bark busters, re tuned for the heat went perfectly not using any oil, and the chain didnt need adjusting during the whole trip (almost unbelievable) but true. The standard rear tyre was replaced with the Pirelli MT21 in Alice springs and lasted the rest of the trip.

I will post more details in the coming weeks.

Hear are some shots of the trip


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